Matthew Berner

Matthew Berner is a freelance writer, avid cosplayer, salesman for hire, and sometimes model. He grew up during the '90s, where he formed his love of comics, anime and video games. He has been attending conventions since his early teens and began cosplaying shortly after. He is a financial advisor for an independent wealth management institution but prefers locking himself in his bedroom and writing about pop culture. Matthew lives in Monmouth County, New Jersey and can be found reviewing comics, promoting for local artists, and interviewing any celebrity he can trick into sitting down with him.


Joshua Brafman

Joshua Brafman is a jack of all trades. He is an author, an illustrator, an animator, a director, an editor and even an actor. Currently, he’s bringing his vast knowledge and passion for anime, manga and pop culture to the people through Region99. In his spare time, Joshua enjoys playing video games, reading books (comic or otherwise), writing his own original stories or catching up on his backlog of shows he’s been meaning to watch. You can find Joshua Brafman’s books for sale on Amazon, watch his animations and films on YouTube, or find the man himself on Instagram or Twitter.


Christa Carr

Currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Christa is a 2D animation graduate from Pratt Institute. With an emphasis on character design, animation, and 3D environmental modeling, she hopes to create immersive worlds to which fans of storytelling can relate. Current and future projects focus on creating visibility for black women in animation, and showing the multiplicity of their stories. Professionals that inspire her creative process include: LeSean Thomas, Bruce W. Smith, Rebecca Sugar, Studio Trigger and more. Christa is also an avid gamer, cosplayer, and comic book fan. 

Maya Hanks.png

Maya Hanks

Born in near San Francisco, California, Maya brings a sunny disposition to the harsh East Coast. Graduating Rutgers University with a BA in Electronic Arts, she likes to be hands on with anything creative! She got into comics and video games though her dad and she does her best to bring her friends into her world. Her hobbies include reading manga, comics, writing, playing RPG’s, traveling, drawing, and cosplay.  She's also a freelance designer, model, and photographer. Her focus for most of her writings are movies, games, and books that focus on the black narratives and promotes multicultural voices in the geek world!  Her thoughts: 'The world becomes better when all voices and stories are told'. I can always be found @mochabun_88 on IG and twitter.

Erik McRimmon.PNG

Erik McRimmon

Erik McRimmon is a writer, researcher and reporter for Region 99. A fan of the Marvel and DC franchise since he was a child, some of Erik’s favorite superheroes are Spider-Man, Hulk, Green Lantern and Batman. In addition some of Erik’s favorite cartoons growing up were Teen Titans, Young Justice, Justice League,  Justice League Unlimited and Avengers Earth’s Mightiest heroes. During his free time Erik likes reading about current events and the latest pop culture news from sites like Billboard and Complex. Erik also likes to go to the movies on his off time and his favorite movies to see are you guess it Superhero flicks. Now an adult Erik enjoys reading manga because he enjoys the themes, life lessons and complexities of the stories told in them. One of Erik’s goal while working for Region 99 is to improve himself as both a writer and reporter and bring awareness to people who still believe liking comic books and things related to it as childish or immature.

Tiff. S..jpg

Tiffany Southall

Tiffany Southall is a self-proclaimed book/movie geek.  She thinks old movies rock and the book will always be better than the movie…sometimes.  She loves all things Harry Potter and Dr. Who. She will always argue Batman over Superman and you can’t change her mind.  She’s a foodie at heart which means she will eat just about anything to try it once. She’s a major cartoon fanatic of classic and current shows, both children and adult.  Tina Belcher is her spirit animal. Daria Morgendorffer is her idol. She believes she should sit on the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms.


Joseph Watkins

Joseph Watkins is the self-proclaimed 'Watcher of all thinks Black Geek/Nerd'. An avid purveyor of things weird and unusual, you can find him at a local comic book shop or a neighboring comic con. A firm believer in diversity, he believes that the comic book industry should incorporate a series of diverse artists under their belt rather than constantly use and freelance 'particular groups'. If he's not chanting out 'Support your Indie Artist', he's usually writing or reading up on the next big nerd event for marginalized groups.