Region 99 is a publication dedicated to the creative talent of the growing diverse artistry that exists. Each artist presented in our publication helps contribute to the growing body of creativity in the world of comics, art, books, novels, technology, cosplay, comic-cons, and other comic related events that are geared towards the aggregation of the art community.

Region 99 believes in creativity through diversity. As diversity drives the creative community, the art arena is reaped with various artists of many cultures, specialties and categories and as such, our publication is essential in annihilating the social biases that exist in the art world. From racial to gender bias in the art community, Region 99’s purpose is to set free the creative talent, energy and creative potential of everyone who is willing to take risks and be part of the creative revolution. We hope to help in creating a diverse society, through art, that acknowledges and encourages the creative talents of everyone.

Welcome to Region 99.

William Brown

Editor in Chief

Region 99
“Creativity Through Diversity”