A.R.M.Y. Member: My Love of BTS runs DEEP

I am a member of ARMY.  There I said it. I finally revealed my secret to the world.  I know I’m too damn old to be obsessing over a Korean boy band, but things happen. BTS has taken the world by storm and with impending enlistment, their meteoric rise to fame may come to a sudden halt. At the moment, I don’t want to think about this imminent doom and dread. I’d rather bask in the glory that is BTS and everything that has to do with them.

Yaoi and Yuri: An Informative Look into LGBTQ Manga

Each year Yaoi and Yuri grow more popular. Yaoi and Yuri are manga in which the plot of the story usually revolves around the relationship of either 2 males or 2 females. These relationships can be either sexual or emotional and they can contain both. If you’re a manga reader or at least browsed that section of the bookstore, I’m sure you have noticed a few titles with 2 men or 2 women lovingly and affectionately embracing or interacting with one another. This is an inside look.

Doctor Who is a Woman?! Its About Time!!!

For years there has been a demand for the first female Doctor.  That wish was granted when Jodie Whittaker was declared the new Doctor. Many fans were not receptive of this decision and people said the show was now ruined because the Doctor was now a woman. Millions of other fans thought this was the moment of a lifetime…

Thanos & Erik Killmonger: Are They Right?

The last two Marvel movies have left me feeling conflicted. I want to hate them, I want to root against them.  I can’t…at least not wholeheartedly. Their actions make me despise them, but their viewpoints make me question real life issues.  This feeling of confliction is unusual to feel from a Marvel movie. There usually is a clear cut good guy and/or bad guy, but what are we supposed to do when the villains start to make sense? {Credit to Artist)

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: My Comic Con 2017 Experience

As I reflect on my experience this year, I get a wave of nostalgia along with irritation and something else I’ve been trying to figure out.  I came into the Jacob Javits Center expecting the same layout with more cramming than usual since they’re doing construction on the building.  I, however was very surprised.  I must say the organizers this year really thought out the design of the con.

Dororthy Must Die: Book Review

    I love books series and when I find a great one I become extremely immersed in that particular world.  After going through series after series, I was recommended the “Dorothy Must Die” series by a fellow book addict that become captivated by Danielle Paige’s interpretation of Oz. She has put a unique spin on Dorothy’s tale and the girl from Kansas we all know and love. 

X-Men: Apocolypse A Fan's Perspective

Apocalypse’s ideas are very hard to compare to anybody in today’s society. He wants to destroy all governments because he feels they cause trouble and they don’t help the people. He feels he can do a better job than all the superpowers combined. While he’s a megalomaniac, he’s one in his own category