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Nostalgia: How Two Movies Changed My Mind On Superman

At New York Comic Con 2018, I was in a panel getting a sneak preview of The Reign of the Supermen, so I was pretty stoked to see the movie before it dropped on DVD.  As a fan of DC cartoons and comic book history, I knew that Superman died, but is then brought back to life due to shenanigans. If I had not seen The Death of Superman I would have been completely lost during The Reign of the Supermen had I watched it without prior context.  It was a cool experience to see these films as a person who had never been too much into Superman and because I saw them in unison, my view of Superman forever changed…

Infinity Wars: Twice in One Day!!!

Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok have knocked it out the park with story, character development, action, and comedy.  Thor: Ragnarok brought new life to Thor on the big screen, and Black Panther has shown Hollywood an all-black cast can break records at the box office.  Infinity War has done something unique that only Marvel has pulled off successfully.  It made me see a movie twice in one day!!!

Black Panther Review: No Spoiler Edition

For many people, Captain America: Civil War was their first look at T’Challa, aka the Black Panther and the ultra futuristic, secret country of Wakanda. In the movie Black Panther, the hype train was real when we were able to see Black Panther, Wakanda and the celebration of both Afro-Futurism and the research and dedication done to make this movie one of the best MCU movies since Iron Man.