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Venom: Are they Missing the Point?

I don't love the trailer, I don't hate it, but it doesn't tickle my fancy either. It feels like an early 2000’s throwback: wonky CG, generic villain, a main character who is too cool to be a hero, and a final battle that involves a bigger version of the protagonist. (Credit to Artist)

My Dad Loves Deadpool: Marketing for the Masses

So there I was, having just seen Deadpool 2, standing outside discussing what we thought of it, but with one exception. My father was in the group. He wasn't chaperoning, I'm a grown ass man, and I hadn't dragged him along, he just really wanted to come. He's not a comic guy and he doesn't really care about Marvel or DC movies all that much, he doesn’t even really understand most of it. He told me his favorite part of the movie was the advertising. I had to figure out exactly what had happened here.

The Fate of The MCU...

Marvel Studios and the Russo Brothers pulled off a feat. They tricked us. Literally. They ACTIVELY fooled the audience leading up to Infinity War’s release. The trailers have scenes with characters removed and/or added, swapped dialogue, and several that don't appear in the movie at all. I also got a few things right. A hell of a lot of characters, and people in general, died. I called that Tony Stark would live to see his nightmares come to pass. And you know what? I got SO MUCH wrong as well. The characters that did die where almost literally the opposite of who I expected. So what’s going to happen to the MCU?