Far From Perfect?: A Review of Spider-Man - Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home takes place shortly after Endgame’s conclusion, dealing with the world’s recovery from what they are calling ‘The Blip’, as well as the loss of many of the prevalent Avengers. Now Avengers: Endgame is a tough act to follow and any Marvel film that comes after it would have some pretty big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, Spider-Man: Far From Home struggles to even live up to the rest of its peers in Phase 3, let alone Endgame.

Hail to the King: Why I Love Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Most people dismiss Godzilla due to outward appearances, saying “every film is the same” or “the dubbing is awful”. Well, with the newest film in the Monsterverse, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, I think it’s finally time I said my piece on just why I love this giant monster so much. I love Godzilla because of how varied his character is, how varied the films themselves are, and how personally connected I feel to him…All Hail the King!!!

Hollywood Gets A Clue - Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Review

It’s no secret that video games have not made the transition to feature films well. From the infamous Super Mario Bros. The Movie to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Hollywood has struggled with how to adapt this form of media for decades. With Detective Pikachu, I can definitely understand why someone would hold Detective Pikachu at a high standard. Ultimately, the most revolutionary thing Detective Pikachu does is establish a baseline of quality for video game movies. If it’s not at least as good as Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, then in my opinion, it isn’t worth watching….here is my review.

The Magic Word: Shazam!

At the early screening I attended, every single person there was in stitches at every joke this film made. Not only that, but the film inspired genuine awe from children in the audience, with reverent whispers of “Wow…” when Shazam first took flight. I honestly cannot remember the last time any superhero film, let alone a DC one, inspired that much amazement. This is what DC was always supposed to be – characters we aspire to be, ones beyond us yet ones with values that we can uphold ourselves…

Cross Country to Emerald City: An Animator’s Experience at ECCC 2018

As you may know by now, I’ve been to many conventions across the east coast, occasionally traveling a few cities away or even one state over to attend them. Yet, this past weekend, I was given the opportunity to report on a convention on the opposite side of the country: Emerald City Comic Con, out in the tech capital of the country: Seattle, Washington. The weekend was absolutely packed with wall to wall excitement and surprises, and I’m here to give you the scoop on each and every one of them here; From an animator’s perspective!!!

It’s-A-Him: Mario and His Grand Impact on Gaming.

Since 1985, one name has stood high in video games, and endured longer than any of them: Mario. The plumber is so well known that even people who don’t know about video games know who he is!!! How is it that, a plumber, who hops on turtles for a living managed to survive the gaming evolution?…. it’s no exaggeration to say that Mario has had a substantial hand in shaping video games throughout the years, from the ‘80s to the present day….HAPPY MAR10 DAY!!!

Lost in Translation: Why Hollywood and Anime Don’t Mix… Yet.

Since the 1990s, anime has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity here in the United States. It’s influenced our media and created a whole new subculture within film and animation fans. However, Anime has not successfully translated to live action movies successfully…until now! With the emergence of Alita: Battle Angel, its possible that Hollywood might have finally found the golden ticket…

A Hero By Any Other Color

As a middle class white kid, I grew up having thousands of characters I could relate to or see myself as, while my friend Maya Hanks had maybe three. Possibly, If a Black child sees Superman, he dreams of being LIKE him. But if a Black child sees Black Panther, he dreams he could BE him. Representation is exceptionally important, especially for people of color in this country…

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - The Last Smash Bros. We Ever Need?

Ultimate is by far the best looking the Smash Bros. series has ever been, with characters popping thanks to the realistic yet still cartoony looking designs. I got the game when most people did, on release day, December 7th, 2018 and my friends and I wasted no time, and played the game practically all weekend. While we played, I came to appreciate just how great this game is...

Miles Saves the Universe: A Review of Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse

A year ago, when the first teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse dropped, I admit I wasn’t sure how to feel. After watching the movie twice within days of each other, I can safely say that not only is Into the Spider-Verse my favorite superhero film of the year, but it could be my favorite film of 2018.(Note: Image was created by the legendary Chuck Collins, creator of the famous Bounce Graphic Novel.)

My Hero One’s Justice – A Review

For those still unaware (or for anyone who hasn’t read my two other articles on this anime), I have a deep love for My Hero Academia. When I heard that My Hero One’s Justice came out for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC, I just had to jump on the opportunity to write about this little gem. This is the series’ first major foray into the video game market, aside from the 3DS game My Hero Academia: Battle For All, which was never released outside of Japan. So, how well does the series fare as a video game? Well, let’s get into it! For the sake of clarity, I’m only discussing the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

My Experience at AnimeNYC 2018: From Me to You!!!

Once more I go into New York City, this time for an anime specific convention, one that I’d never been to before – AnimeNYC. The convention’s only in its second year, but after the weekend I had, I hope it continues on for many more. Let’s not mince any more words and get down to how things went, day by day.

What's to Rogue-Like? Has-Been Heroes vs. Into the Breach

Since buying a Nintendo Switch, I’ve played two more roguelike games: Has-Been Heroes and Into the Breach. Yet, for being games in the same genre, I had very different reactions to both these games. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and in playing these games, I believe I’ve realized something: there’s a right way and a wrong way to create roguelike video games.

My NY Comic Con & Anime Fest Experience - 2018

I have one convention that I go to without fail, and that is New York Comic Con, otherwise known as NYCC. This year, I went bigger than I ever have, going Friday, Saturday AND Sunday to the convention. Aditionally, 2018 was also a landmark year in that it brought with it the return of Anime Fest. With so much to say, I’m here to tell you what it was like; the good, the bad and the geeky!!!

Two Heroes, One Great Anime: A Review of My Hero Academia - The Movie

I’ve been hooked on the series that follows young Izuku Midoriya and his super-powered classmates on their journey to become the next generation of heroes. So when I heard that the anime was getting a feature film, and it would be playing in theaters near me, I absolutely jumped at the chance. After seeing it, I think My Hero Academia: Two Heroes may just be one of the best feature films based around an already existing anime. I’m here to tell you why…

What Makes the Switch?

The Switch is the first console ever made to be both a home console, and a portable, handheld one. This gives the Switch a unique position – it’s not a high end console you can only play at home like the Playstation 4, or a portable system that has a tiny screen like the old original Nintendo 3DS. Instead, it’s a fusion of both.

Should Teen Titans GO! be Stopped?

All right everyone, buckle up. This article has been a long time coming, and has one of the scariest things I’ve ever written in it: AN UNPOPULAR QUESTION: Should Teen Titans GO!, the revival/reboot of Teen Titans, a bad series? There are several main complaints people have about Teen Titans GO!, and I’m going to address them here, one by one…

Riding Bean: Kickstarting The Engine

Riding Bean tells the story of the eponymous Bean Bandit, a getaway driver for hire who relies on his wits and his Buff Roadster car to get in and out of tight situations. Many years have passed and the series has been lost to time, either by being out of print on DVD or relegated to obscurity, but all that changed thanks to Kickstarter. Kenichi Sonoda opted to go into the Kickstarting business directly and is raising money to revitalize the series…

Solo: A Fun Star Wars Story

I don’t regret seeing this movie at all. It’s a very fun and interesting look into Han Solo’s past, and while it’s a story that didn’t need to be told, I’m glad that it exists. It’s a solid foundation for Han’s early adventures, and leaves the door open for more…