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Funko Files for IPO: Should you Invest?

Approximately 1 to 2 days ago, Geekwire announced that Funko will be filing an IPO soon. What does this mean? It means that fans and collectors of those little vinyl statues can now own a piece of the company. The question from this announcement should be: “Should I invest in the company?” or “Is it worth investing?”

Jesse Cohen: Wize Guy

 A hard man to contact, a series of phone calls for two weeks was all it took to interview one of the greatest collectible sellers along the east coast. Since seven to eight years of age, he has been selling collectibles, such as trading cards and comic books to his peers. It was when he obtained an “epic comic book collection” as he calls it, that he started  building his comic channels, by creating a network with various comic book stores and his customers.