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NYCC 2017 - Saturday - Day 3

With increased attendance and the popularity of NYCC growing, this event has turned into the number one place to go to in New York City every first weekend in October. But this year, something has changed. As I looked around the show room floor, listened to the panel discussions and the voices of the fans and vendors, something changed about the con and I can’t quite understand it.

Eat. Sleep. Draw. The Life of Paul Walcott

Paul’s influences are a combination of both American comic books and Japanese manga. He is a man, who bleeds creativity, is full of imagination and speaks art. He is a serious illustrator who was trained under the House of Kubert (The Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art) and his illustrations have a style that resembles both Japanese manga and American comic books. Following the mantra “Eat-Sleep-Draw”, Paul’s ability is in high demand as people far and wide ask and are willing to pay great money for his commissioned pieces.Paul Walcott’s contribution, to the comic book industry offers a belief that pursuing your dream in the comic book empire can still come true.

Interview with an Artist: Tatiana Battle

On Friday, July 17th, 2015, an artist walked into Merseles Studios, in Jersey City. As she walked up the stairs, she was met by a person who was holding a Casting Call for artists. This casting call was unlike any other. It was an opportunity for an up and coming artist to showcase their work in one of the most popularized trade shows in America...with her fiery determination and portfolio in tow, she was prepared for an opportunity of a lifetime which was the equivalent to an artist’s version of American Idol.