Deadpool is....uh.... Detective Pikachu?! Warner Bros...Oh S**t!?

Deadpool is....uh.... Detective Pikachu?! Warner Bros...Oh S**t!?

Warner Bros., Universal Pictures and Nintendo have come together and it’s called Hope…Maybe!!

Yep, I can’t believe this either. The tech gods at Game Freak and Nintendo, for some strange odd reason have teamed up with Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. and are taking a huge risk with this one right ‘chere’ and I say ‘chere’ in a southern voice demonstrating both excitement and sarcasm.

Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu

Also, you read the title right. The producers of the DC Universe (You know the guys that made Justice League, the amazing Wonder Woman movie, and the soon to be released Aquaman) are trying to take another stab at pop culture with the famed Pokemon franchise (with some help) to create the live action Detective Pikachu movie. And get this Ryan Reynolds is playing the famous Pokemon Pikachu.

My Very First GameBoy by Nintendo

As some members of the online community respond with mixed emotions, for me, I can’t wait for this movie to come out. Why? Well first, let me say this, I’ve never played the Detective Pikachu video game at all. As a matter a fact, what I’m about to say will definitely reveal my age and let you know how entrenched I used to be in the Pokemon culture. The last time I was really into Pokemon, was when I was a freshman in college, I had the very first Nintendo Gameboy (that had the black and white screen) and I was playing Pokemon Blue. The phrase ‘gotta catch them all’ only referred to 100 Pokemon and with the creation of the first Pokemon Movie, I was introduced to the legendary ‘Mew’ and ‘Mewtoo’ being the 101st and 102nd Pokemon. I was so hardcore into it that when I did see the First Pokemon movie I cried when Ash took that beatdown when he got in between the ‘Mews’ fighting.

Past and Present Pokemon Trainers Unite

What this movie could do is reunite the old and new pokemon trainers, meaning us. Now hear me out and let’s really deconstruct this for a moment. We have Detective Pikachu with the only Pokemon that’s probably recognized by the anime and comic community at large (maybe even recognized by some older adults as well, I’m talking 50+ years of age), and he does something that everybody probably wanted him to do for like 20 years, say something else. I mean seriously!?  ‘What the hell was he saying for those past 20+ years?!’ ‘Pika-this’, ‘Pika-that’, What the hell man!! Now we finally have a movie that has him saying ‘Step back, I will electrocute you!!!’ For me, after I saw the trailer with Charizard, I’m curious to see who will be voicing him? I bet its Ving Rhames!!!

Overall, here’s my theory: Adults watching this movie will start to reflect on how they use to ‘catch them all’ as a kid and some of the younger groups who have the Pokemon app downloaded on their iphones and androids and are still catching them will definitely go see this movie. Who knows, they’ll probably catch a rare one in the theater.  

Pikachu is Ryan Reynolds?!

Ryan Reynolds is playing Pikachu. Do we even need to say anything here?! The Deadpool star, ‘the merc with a mouf’, is back and this time he has a furry tail, still full of sarcasm, and carries lightning bolts in his ass. What could be more epic!!! Oh I have an idea…Lets see what he does when he goes against Ving Rhames as Charizard (I’m hoping). I think Ryan Reynolds might nail this animated feature. I mean after all, remember Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt and how he was featured in the Lego Movie, which was another movie by Warner Bros.?

Warner Bros. needs a Hit…BAD!!!

With Justice League ‘wayyyyy’ behind them and the dismissal of Superman’s Henry Cavill and Batman’s Ben Affleck, they need a hit. Not like a home run hit, like a heroin junkie looking for a high HIT!!! That bad. With Aquaman being released soon, I think they are trying to cover their bases by brining in the ‘merc’ to be that little yellow rodent in live action mode. What’s even funnier is that the Christmas version of Deadpool 2 is coming out around the same time as Aquaman…leading me to believe that they are SERIOUSLY DESPERATE for that ‘Billion’ dollar JUNKIE HIT!!!

 Ryan Reynolds… ‘Pop Culture God’

Look at me, acting like a little kid. I just want to see this happen. What if this movie is a sleeper hit. If it is, Ryan Reynolds will have killed the anime market as well. Think about it, he nailed Deadpool, which is the most popular rated ‘R’ anti-superhero in the Marvel universe and if he nails Pikachu, the most popular anime character ever created, he will have transcended to ‘Pop Culture God’. Imagine the next line of cosplay that will happen: Deadpool-Pikachu, Pikachu-Deadpool….thousands of Deadpools dancing with a Pikachu costume or vice-versa. Ohhhhh!!! The Excitement!!!

Overall, this movie could be a sleeper hit or a homerun miss, but a few things are certain, Ryan Reynolds will transcend to Ultra Instinct in the Pop Culture scene and Warner Bros. is ‘jonesing’ for a hit so bad their willing to go through the anime forest to bring in that ‘golden egg’. I really hope it goes well for all of them.

The Indestructible ANIME-NYC 2018!!!

The Indestructible ANIME-NYC 2018!!!

Thanks Stan Lee: My First Comic Book/Comics Changed my Life

Thanks Stan Lee: My First Comic Book/Comics Changed my Life