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#Booklyfe: Book-Con 2018

Book-Con was more than your average book convention, it was literally book-heaven as the Jacob Javitz center played landlord to this event. What made it so much fun was the rich tapestry of diverse authors and books from around the country. All I can say is this; I went, I saw and I will definitely be attending next year.  In other words, Book-Con was freaking awesome!!

Funko Files for IPO: Should you Invest?

Approximately 1 to 2 days ago, Geekwire announced that Funko will be filing an IPO soon. What does this mean? It means that fans and collectors of those little vinyl statues can now own a piece of the company. The question from this announcement should be: “Should I invest in the company?” or “Is it worth investing?”

NYCC 2017 - Saturday - Day 3

With increased attendance and the popularity of NYCC growing, this event has turned into the number one place to go to in New York City every first weekend in October. But this year, something has changed. As I looked around the show room floor, listened to the panel discussions and the voices of the fans and vendors, something changed about the con and I can’t quite understand it.

NYCC 2017: Friday - Day 2

Friday didn’t disappoint as hundreds of thousands of spectators came from all parts of the world at the world famous New York City Comic Con, located at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City. I was fortunate to be here as I witnessed the up and coming graphic novel/comic book entrepreneurs as well as take pictures of some amazing cosplay. Additionally, “jewels” were dropped in regards to getting published in the comic book industry as well as the need to understand why diversity is needed in comics.