Heavy is the Crown…Jay-Z…Heavy is the Crown!!!

A lot of controversy is surrounding Jay-Z and his partnership with the NFL. As people, both far and wide are picking sides in this dilemma, I’m choosing a more structured approach in this; Jay-Z, in Trump America, is making a move unprecedented in NFL history….An African-American is taking control of the Super Bowl’s halftime show and I can’t wait to see what the message will be for the 2019-2020 football season. All I can say is…Heavy is the Crown Jay-Z, Heavy is the Crown!!! Good Luck!!!

Awesome Con: 'Over 9000' Saturday - Edition

Saturday’s Awesome Con 2019, was a great experience in that this con provided a diverse scene of cosplay, eccentric vendors and artists. I consider this one of the best events in pop culture for the DC area and a great start in fighting inequality in the pop culture industry. Leftfield media nailed it with this con as they attempted to highlight diversity in all its many forms and succeeded in the process. This convention showcased the best and brightest in pop culture as this con had the intent of making everyone comfortable in their own skin.

Awesome Con: Plus Ultra!!! - Friday Edition

Washington, DC’s premiere con is immense as participants from all over the Northern and Southern States gather to attend the pop culture event of the Spring. A 3.5-hour drive through the sporadic rainstorms in the states of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Washington District of Columbia brought Region 99 to the doorways of Awesome Con D.C. and it did not disappoint….