The Future of Street Art is Canvs

Striving to be one of world’s largest interactive ‘street art’ apps, this dream has been made into reality by the minds of a phenomenal team of ‘creatives’ who travel the globe in search of the best murals street art has to offer. Eliminating boundaries and going where art and technology has never gone before, I introduce to you Canvs.

Heavy is the Crown…Jay-Z…Heavy is the Crown!!!

A lot of controversy is surrounding Jay-Z and his partnership with the NFL. As people, both far and wide are picking sides in this dilemma, I’m choosing a more structured approach in this; Jay-Z, in Trump America, is making a move unprecedented in NFL history….An African-American is taking control of the Super Bowl’s halftime show and I can’t wait to see what the message will be for the 2019-2020 football season. All I can say is…Heavy is the Crown Jay-Z, Heavy is the Crown!!! Good Luck!!!