ECCC: A Fan's Perspective In Seattle

Sorry for the delay!!! Emerald City Comic Con was such a wonderful experience, I needed to make sure that I noted everything in my experience. I’m happy to say that I’ve been to a Comic Con on the opposite side of the US and this experience has now made me want to go to Comic Cons all over the world. For anyone who hasn’t attended ECCC , I would highly recommend it. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

5 Things 'Bumblebee' did Right!!!

December 2018 released the prequel to the Transformers’ franchise, Bumblebee. My only concern with this movie was that this was going to be another ‘style over substance’ film with too many transformers, little plot and character development, and scantly clad females…. I was wrong.

Nostalgia: New York Comic Con 2018 - My Lovely Comic, Cosplay and Toy Heaven!!!

So, it’s the holiday season and if you’re still looking for gifts for the kids or possibly yourself, hopefully my nostalgic reflection of NYCC 2018 will help you. Comic Con NYC 2018 was amazing as multiple figures, video games, cosplay and a sneak peak of the New Dragonball Super: Broly movie were in present for viewing and playing pleasure. As you read, hopefully this will either help in your gifting choices, movie choices, or just persuade you to save up and plan for next year’s NYCC 2019 as a gift for yourself!!!

Must See Anime for 2018: Black Clover?

Despite the solid plot, many have criticized this manga and it’s anime counterpart as generic, boring or an endless cliché. It was also named one of the worst manga in 2016. In spite of the harsh criticism, the manga became a best seller with over 2 million in 2018 alone and is placed in the top 10 best selling manga this year. Why is that? Well, let’s dive in the anime and see why Black Clover should be on your radar for 2018…

Ghost: A New Face for #girlpower #blackgirlmagic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In 2018, more women are assuming lead roles in movies and are finally getting the acknowledgement they deserve for those roles. In the Movie: Ant-Man and The Wasp the, Marvel Cinematic Universe welcomes Ghost (played by Hannah John Kamen). Now while the Ghost of the Marvel Cinematic Universe adopts a new progressive spin from the comic book version, this MCU villain does not get the same focus fitting her status as other MCU baddies.

Naseed Gifted's Masterpiece: Khemfest 2018

The founder of Khemfest, Naseed Gifted, wanted to put an event together as a way to give New Jersey and Black culture its own Comic Book Festival. Now in its fourth year, Khemfest is becoming a staple for Black culture in the world of art and comics. I manage to meet with some of the vendors at the festival to get the chance to pick some of their brains.

Black Panther: One for the Culture

Named the #1 movie in the world by Marvel Entertainment, Black Panther is another reminder of just how much Black people can and have achieved. While Black Panther isn’t the first superhero movie with a leading Black superhero (Ex. Blade, Catwoman and Spawn to name a few), it’s still nice to have a Black superhero movie dominate a mostly White genre.  

Thor Ragnarok: One Great F---- Movie!!!

Thor: Ragnarok offers a number of themes to give every movie goer something to talk about whether it’s the incredible fight scenes, emotional family moments, laugh out loud moments between Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo or a story that will leave you researching actual Norse mythology, Thor: Ragnarok will have you talking about it for days on end.

My Very First Time: Comic Con NYC 2017!!!

As a child I always loved anything that involved superheroes, especially from Marvel and DC. This would eventually lead to a love for Anime and Manga as well. However, as I was getting older I noticed that was slowly changing. Instead of sitting on the stairs discussing our favorite shows, my friends and I started joining after school activities, going to local hangout spots, some of us even got our first after school job. Eventually my friends and I no longer talked about the latest episodes of shows we watched together. Then came Comic Con NYC!!!